Haap Communication Group is a company formed by a young and multidisciplinary team with experience in different areas of communication. Raúl Madrid and David González are the founders of the company and among their clients are Gigante Verde and Old del Paso, Larumbre Group, Global Forum for Sustainability Soria 21, Verdecora, Energizer, Red Bull, CSIC, etc,..

Raul Madrid has an extended experience from companies such as 3M, Coca Cola Spain, Siatcom always in marketing and commercial areas with great responsibility. He was co founder of Positiva Coolhunting and regional manager for Iberia for Primer Canal - Primer Impacto Group. David González has throughout his career been linked to the development of new technologies and their commercialization in residential and enterprise markets with companies such as Telefonica, Deutsche Telecom or Indra, among others.